90 minute Unblocked Insights

Unblocked Insights is a 90-minute coaching session that involves a longer, deeper guided visualization.

For this session, you don't need to have a question or a particular concern in mind. Unblocked Insights is a tool that is best used when you're wanting to explore your beliefs, you're feeling stuck, or you simply want to explore the WHY's behind a situation.

Example: feelings resistance towards a person/situation and not knowing why, unexplained fears (scared of love/relationships, trust issues, fears of pursuing/changing careers etc.)

With this visualization, we get out of the conscious mind and go into the subconscious. There is so much information that is stored there since we were teeny-tiny kids, and often this information is what affects us in our daily lives. Beliefs we've picked up, rules we've made, and fears we've formed. It's about getting to the core of what's going on.

We will talk about what it is you're looking for/need help with, we will do the visualization, and then discuss it further + explore the steps you can take moving forth.

After you select your preferred date & time and book your session, I'll be reaching out to you via email within 24 hours :)

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