EP #9 How Small, Random Events Become Life-Altering Moments

by Gabie Rudyte March 04, 2020 1 min read

a picture that says how small random events become life altering moments

In this episode, I talk to you about how small, random, and perhaps even insignificant events become our greatest life-changing moments.

Running late, taking the wrong turn, overhearing something... it's those little, unexpected things that often lead us to the destinations we so desperately desire.

Call it luck, synchronicity, Divine timing, or coincidence - but I think we can all agree that sometimes things happen that we can't really explain, or we don't see them as important at all (at the time!)

I share with you a couple of stories that encompass beautifully the title of the episode, and I give you something to keep in mind as you go throughout your day-to-day!


  • How small events become the big life-changing moments

  • The quote that I live by

  • My personal of how small ‘coincidences’ played into me moving to New York City

  • 2 of my favorite stories from my closest friends

  • Life gets tough, but stay open to the little life-changing opportunities


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