EP #3 Manifesting My Dream Job Using the Law of Attraction

by Gabie Rudyte January 20, 2020 1 min read

a picture that says manifesting your dream job using the law of attraction


I’m incredibly excited to be sharing with you the story of how I manifested my dream job using the law of attraction!

When I was 19 and still living in New York City, I wanted to start my own personal training business and become a successful personal trainer! I made a list of what I wanted my job to be like, how much I wanted to work, what clients I wanted, how much I wanted to charge and trusted that the Universe will help me make this dream a reality.

Well, I can tell you, the Universe DELIVERED ;)

In episode 3 I talk about the law of attraction, visualization, letting go, scripting, acting ‘as if’, and how I turned my dream into an actual JOB!


  • Why it’s important to combine the law of attraction with the law of ACTION — you still have to take action on your dreams! It’s not just all in your mind!

  • The importance of acting as if your dream has already come true

  • Why it’s crucial to be clear and specific on what you want!

  • What exercises and practices I did to attract my clients


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