EP #1 How You Can Start Feeling Successful

by Gabie Rudyte January 06, 2020 1 min read

EP #1 How You Can Start Feeling Successful


This podcast is an extension of what I talk about in my videos and my blog posts! We will cover everything related to our mind, psychology, and spirituality.

From our negative self-talk and ways in which we sabotage ourselves to the Law of Attraction and manifestation! My work, and all the things that I create, is dedicated to helping you deepen your relationship with yourself so you can overcome anything that is standing in-between you and your desires.

All episodes will average between 10-30 minutes and serve as a place where we can learn, laugh, and discuss all things mind & spirit!


  • The start of this podcast

  • My experience working as a personal trainer in New York City and having many wealthy, powerful and “successful“ clients

  • One 25 year old’s definition of success

  • The high standards and goals that we set for ourselves

  • What my definition of success used to be

  • What my definition of success is now

  • How you can make your own definition of success


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