EP #7 Don't Believe Everything You Hear

by Gabie Rudyte February 15, 2020 1 min read

a picture that says don't believe everything you hear

Alrighty, this is an important episode.

I talk to you about the voice in our heads — that inner critic/judge/non-stop commentator that won’t keep quiet!

It has opinions, views, and wants to constantly tell us what it thinks is right and wrong. We not only listen to this voice 24/7, but we also believe every single thing that it tells us! We take all things at face value and think: ‘yup, I guess this is just the way it is. I’m not good enough.’

Well. I'm here to tell ya: Don't believe everything you hear in your own head.


  • What that inner voice in our heads is

  • Why we shouldn’t believe all the things it tells us

  • I give you a tool to use in quieting the negative things that voice tells us

  • I share with you how I use that tool myself

p.s. Prefer a written version? You can also read a blog post version of this podcast!


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