EP #8 Being Honest With Yourself

by Gabie Rudyte February 26, 2020 1 min read

a picture that says being honest with yourself

Ohhh, honesty!

We’re probably familiar with being honest with other people. Being honest about our opinions, feelings, intentions, and being honest with what we think.

However, how often are we honest with our own selves?

I’m talking about the kind of honesty that makes us uncomfortable, annoyed, and even slightly offended.

’Me? Rude? Oh please… no way.’

Being honest with our own selves is one of the greatest acts of self-love.

Calling ourselves out on our BS, our excuses, our behaviors, and patterns. Sitting down and taking a good, long look in the mirror. Taking that crown of our head and setting down our pride — and being brutally, truthfully, and painfully honest with ourselves.


  • Self-awareness

  • Honesty

  • How we can ask others to be honest with us

  • How we can be honest with ourselves

  • Why this is important!

I hope you enjoy this episode and I hope you’re able to be honest with yourself!

p.s. Don’t like podcasts? Watch the video!


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