Being Multi-Passionate

by Gabie Rudyte July 02, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

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Most of us are multi-passionate.

We have many different interests and hobbies.
We are passionate about many different things.
However, when it comes to our careers and jobs, we're told that we can only pick 1 thing.
1 thing to do for the rest of our lives.

This is where this subject gets a little more complex.
In order to master something, in order to be at the top in something,
we need to commit to it long-term.
We need to put in the time, effort, and energy.
Year after year.
(Think about Olympic athletes who've trained for 10 years since they were 5,
or a creative director at a big agency who climbed the corporate ladder
for the last 12 years).

Being an expert in your field is dope (if that's what you want).
Mastery comes with time & by sticking to one thing long-term.
You can't master an instrument, craft, or hobby if you only
do it for 4 months before moving onto the next thing.
You also can't be at the top of your company without
climbing little by little (year by year).

Having said this...

I want to remind you that you shouldn't limit yourself to 1 career, or job,
if you're passionate about multiple things.
You can work in finance and start a travel adventure company.
You can be a lawyer and a yoga teacher.
You can be a math teacher and a photographer.

Don't limit yourself. Don't put yourself in a single box.
You don't have to do this or that.
You can do this and that.

Oh, also, another important note:
just because you're not doing something full-time and you're not making 6 figures,
it doesn't mean it's not legit.

Do you hear me?
If you work as a maths teacher during the week and photograph
weddings during the weekend, it doesn't mean you're
not a real photographer.

You're a photographer. and you're a maths teacher.
What's so wrong with being both?

You're simply multi-passionate.
You have 2 different careers and jobs going on.
That's dope. and fun. and inspiring.

I hope this message reaches you well, and maybe it's even
a sign that you've been looking for. (who knows)


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September 25, 2020

This is such a great article and a reminder for me! I have many interests and feel like the “jack of all trades” but master of none and sometimes feel bad for that when I should be celebrating all my skills an abilities! Thanks Gabie!

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