How To Be Successful

by Gabie Rudyte December 18, 2019 2 min read

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Is it money, cars, a particular title, or a career? Perhaps it is having a great partner, a big house, and a few adorable kids?

In our society, success is very much related to material, financial, and external gains. A diploma from Harvard, a big salary and a Rolex on your wrist would put you at the top of the success ladder.

You don't hear the word success and immediately think: 'Personal growth! Fulfilling relationships! Peace of mind!'

You hear the word success, and you think: Bill Gates, Beyonce, Michael Jordan (or anyone else in that realm.)

A few months back, I was working out in the gym and saw a reality show playing on one of the TVs. I have no idea what the show was about, but I remember a 25-year-old waiter saying:

'My definition of success is having $1 billion dollars by the age of 32.'

'Damn' I thought 'Poor guy.'

You see, we are the ones who define what success means for us.

If your definition of success is 'have X amount of money by the age of X,' there is a high chance you will feel unfulfilled and unhappy – whether you end up achieving that goal or not.

I'm a very optimistic and motivated person. I believe we are capable of achieving incredible things, and we can create the life of our dreams.


When we set our success bar this high, (and sometimes it's a tad unrealistic), we are doomed ever to feel successful. If you need a certain amount of money or a particular material thing to feel successful, most days you will wake up feeling deeply unhappy and *cough* unsuccessful.

Additionally, success is ever-changing.

Yman standing on a cliff with open arms with the sun shinningour definition of success will be different in your 30s than in your 20s. When I moved to New York City at the age of 18, my definition of success was: being a famous actor, earning a fortune, and having a fancy apartment.

During my four years of living there I realized acting was not what I wanted to do, being famous was the last thing I wanted to be, and New York is not where I wanted to live.

I didn't achieve what I went out to achieve when I moved to NYC. What does that mean, then? Did I fail? Am I not successful?

Well... I think the revelation I had is a success.

Discovering something new about yourself and seeing yourself grow is a success.

The biggest success of all, if you ask me.

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