Don't Believe Everything You Hear

by Gabie Rudyte February 03, 2020 4 min read

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We often think that it’s the people on the outside who are stopping us from being our best selves and achieving our dreams when, in reality, it’s the person on the inside.

Or, should I say, the voice on the inside.

Our inner voice is something that we can’t get rid of — we can’t turn it off, run away from it, delete it. The only time it might not be chatting is if we’re sleeping or we’ve reached a very meditative state. Other than that, it’s constantly ON.

It’s quite fascinating to think that we have a voice in our heads that doesn’t shut up.

Can you imagine if every waking minute of your day you had a person following you around - everywhere - and talking to you, commenting, and chatting non-stop?

‘This dress looks ridiculous, Karen. You should’ve picked a salad and not pasta. Ugh, the salad doesn’t even look that good. Oh, look, what a cute guy! Shit, shit, don’t look — what if he notices you? You look ridiculous, you could never be with someone like that. You should maybe sit down and write that novel you want, but wait a second, you’ve never written a book so why even bother? You’re a loser. Ok go get a pint of ice cream now and eat it so you can numb your feelings.’

We're crazy

The crazy thing isn’t that we have a non-stop chatting voice in our heads — the crazy thing is that we believe every single thing that it tells us.

We’ve become so conditioned to believe everything that is happening in our heads, because, well… that voice is terrifying. It says to us the nastiest and meanest of things, it’s judgmental, it comments on eeeverything, and it makes us feel like we’re small and powerless.


Put that sentence as your background, write it on a mirror, post it on your fridge. If you are going to believe every single thing that you hear in your own head — you’re doomed.

You’re going to be sitting in a corner, shivering, wondering why the heck you can’t live the life of your dreams. Your mind thinks between 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts every single day. That’s, like, A LOT of thoughts. If you believe every single one of them, you’re not only going to drive yourself crazy, but you’re also going to be missing out on all that life, and you, have to offer.


a road block

Every time your inner voice says something to you that is dis-empowering and not nice — use the bullshit tool. The BS tool is simple: whenever you hear something like ‘you’re not good enough’ or ‘you’ll never succeed’ in your mind, say:

That’s bullshit.

You can either say it in your head, or you can say it out loud. You can sing it, chant it, rap it. Say it quietly or scream it at the top of your lungs!

I’m not good enough. THAAAAAAT’S BULLSHIT
I’ll never be able to finish this thesis. ahahahahah, bullshit.
No one will ever love me. Bullshit, bullshit, Buuuuuuuullshit!

It might sound ridiculous, but it works.

The reason the BS tool works is that you are interrupting your habitual thoughts, and you’re interrupting that darn voice in your head that is spinning the same old record of ‘10 reasons why you’ll never succeed.’

The more you repeat something in your head, the more you’re going to believe it, and the more automatic it’ll become.

Your dis-empowering thoughts have become so habitual and automatic — you don’t even have to think them anymore, they quite literally think themselves. Every time the same lame tune comes on & the voice in your head tries to convince you that you’re lame — say ‘bullshit.’
It’s a powerful and unexpected pattern interrupt. Interrupt something often enough and long enough — and the old pattern will fall away.

With the BS tool, you’re saying to the voice in your head:
‘No, thank you. I don’t believe nor agree with what you’re saying.’

You're in control.

You’re not the slave of your inner voice and your inner critic. You are the one in control. Sure, you might’ve not set any boundaries and let the crazy voice get a little out of control (like a small child who has never known rules), but you’re the grown adult who’s in charge. You’re the one who sets the rules, and you’re the one who needs to be listened to.

Whenever you think something lovely and empowering about yourself — repeat it and believe it.

Whenever those habitual lame thoughts pop — say ‘bullshit’ and shut down the show.

It’s time you stopped believing everything that you hear in that mind of yours. Choose what you want to believe, change the tunes that don’t serve you, and take your beautiful power back.

You’re awesome and worthy, and the rest is bullshit.

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