Journaling Prompts: Transforming Our Money Beliefs

by Gabie Rudyte February 11, 2020 3 min read

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Alright, listen up.

I know money - for many - is a touchy subject. Whether it’s you not having enough money, or you judging those that have more than enough — we are faced with money every single day.

We live in a physical reality, and money is something that lets us move about this world.

Most of the time, it’s not the actual number in the bank account that is stopping us, but our thoughts and beliefs around money.

If you want to transform your bank account, you first have to change the way you think and feel about money.

“To me, true prosperity begins with feeling good about yourself. It is never an amount of money; it is a state of mind. Prosperity or lack of it is an outer expression of the ideas in your head.

Our financial reality is never just about how much money we have in the bank. It’s about so much more!

Every single one of us carries some kind of beliefs related to money and financial success — more often than not, they are negative and limiting rather than positive and empowering.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees“
”Money is evil”
”I will never get a good job”
”My parents were poor, and I will be poor”
”I don’t deserve money”
”I resent others who have money”
”I never have enough money”
”I could never afford that”

I think that’s enough examples. It breaks my heart when I hear what dis-empowering and limiting beliefs people carry surrounding money!

Money is such a big part of our world, yet most of us feel very dissatisfied and defeated when it comes to this subject.

a woman holding change in her hands with a note that says make a change

Sure, you can go live in the middle of nowhere, build your hut, hunt your food, make your clothes, and (maybe) live happily ever after.

However, that’s often not a solution. If we genuinely want to thrive in this world, have complete freedom, and do what our heart desires on our terms — we need money.

Before we can start attracting money into our lives and changing our financial reality, we have to get rid of our limiting beliefs.


Our limiting beliefs are ingrained into our subconscious so strongly that a single affirmation of ‘I’m rich’ said 50 times will not bring about wealth.


When you think the same thought enough times (and usually you keep thinking the same limiting thought for YEARS) it becomes a belief.

Tell yourself, ‘I’m stupid’ enough times, and you’ll start to believe it.
Tell yourself ‘I’m always broke’ enough time, and you’ll start to believe it too.

You can’t attract, manifest, realize, bring about, and receive that which you subconsciously reject.

Having a belief ‘I hate money’ will definitely not bring about money.

Moreover, if you have a subconscious belief of ‘I don’t deserve money’, you will always get in your own way when it comes to money. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you will reject/avoid/not see opportunities that could bring about more money!


I want you to have financial freedom and attract the wealth that you deserve. To change our limiting beliefs, we first have to know what our limiting beliefs are!
Get a pen and some paper (make sure you have some free, undisturbed time to do this!) and let’s get to work.


Below you will find some journaling prompts.

I advise that you answer all of these, but if there are a few particular ones that really stand out or bring about strong emotions/triggers/curiosity — start with these. Keep free writing until there is nothing left to write. Don’t think about it — just write.

Don’t analyze, stop to think or read what you have written (yet.) Moreover — do not judge yourself. This exercise is meant to help you heal your negative beliefs, so adding ‘I’m so stupid because I have these negative beliefs’ to the list is not helping!

Take as much time as your need, and be open to anything that might show up and reveal itself.

Money makes me feel…
I believe that in this world money is…
People who have money are…
If I were to get really wealthy, my friends and family would…
When I think about financial freedom, I think about…
My parents believed that money is…

When you’re done journaling, take some time to go back and read everything that you’re written.

What can you see? Are there any patterns? Do your money beliefs come from what your parents believed? Does the topic of money bring about more anxiety than joy? Stress than freedom?

The most important thing is — do not judge yourself. Your beliefs have gotten you where you are right now. However, now you have the ability to change your beliefs so that you can transform your financial reality and your life.

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