Journaling For Self-Reflection: A Simple 3 Question Practice

by Gabie Rudyte September 12, 2021 1 min read

Journaling For Self-Reflection: A Simple 3 Question Practice

More than 500 students have completed my online class, Journaling for Self-Reflection: A Simple 3 Question Practice, on skillshare! 

About The Class

We often underestimate the power of a simple question. Simple questions - when asked daily - can serve as an incredible tool through which we can gain more insight into ourselves.

In this class, I am going to teach you a simple 3 question journaling practice that is all about self-reflection and helping you cultivate more clarity and understanding towards your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Writing is primarily and organisational system, so when we journal, it helps us organise our thoughts and feelings better, and it also allows us to reflect on the different events and circumstances we might be dealing with in our daily lives.

We will become curious researches and dive deeper into our own selves, gathering fascinating data about our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and learning from it.

In the last 8 years journaling has been my favourite practice that has allowed me to understand myself better. We are complex and fascinating beings, and there is always so much more we can learn about ourselves!

Join me in this class and discover more about yourself through the incredible practice of journaling.

If you're not a member on skillshare, you can take this class by using my link right here!

Thank you for your support and I hope you find great value in this journaling practice :)

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